Peripheral Vascular
Disease Program

one in four Kern County residents die from heart disease.

Kern County residents
die from heart disease.

That's three people every day.

That’s 3 people every day.

One person every eight hours.

1 person every 8 hours.

Kern County is ranked 54th of 58 for most heart disease deaths in California
Costs Kern County residents $400 million each year! – Kern County Public Health

Heart disease can mean many things but clogged arteries is the main problem!

When this happens in the heart, it often blocks blood from reaching the heart muscle where its needed most. This leads to the event called a Heart Attack which we learned, results in the death of 3 Kern County residents per day.

Vascular Blood Clot

What are major reasons for blocked arteries (also known as Atherosclerosis)?

The most common cause is due to Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

heart attack

PVD makes you 4-5 times more likely to have a Heart Attack or Stroke

Fact: Diabetes increases the risk of PVD and ultimately means a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

With nearly one in ten people currently affected by diabetes, we created a guide to help those individuals or their caretakers prepare for travel.

Tip of the Day: For those already interested in general diabetes information, our guide provides tips on getting doctor’s notes and packing healthy snacks in advance of travel. We also cover the importance of making flight personnel aware of your condition should an emergency arise.

You can view the guide here:

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