Arteriovenous Malformations

Did you know:

PVD affects Arteries and Veins? Did you also know the treatments, risks factors and patient education differs between the two?


Common Peripheral Venous Disease Signs and Symptoms

Pain in LE
Color: Stasis Dermatitis (LE browning)
Restless Legs
Burning or Itching Skin
Leg Heaviness
Varicose Veins


Common Peripheral Arterial Disease Signs and Symptoms

PAD: Most Common form of PVD
Pain in LE
Pulse: Weak, Absent, Unequal
Wounds: Poor Healing
Hairless, Dry Skin, Thickened Toenails

Clinical Classifications


Gangrene, Critical Limb Ischemia, Amputation, Stroke and/or Heart Attack.
Post Amputation: Survival rate very LOW
Mortality after amputation is extremely high and is increased in individuals with diabetes or in those with PVD.
Let’s prevent all complications together. Look for PVD signs and symptoms today in every patient. Better Screenings, better preventative medicine, earlier detection better care.

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